Digital services to boost mobility

Our mission: To develop digital services that use high-quality mobility data to improve travel. To help the environmental transition by encouraging passengers to combine sustainable, shared and inclusive mobility solutions.

+ 8 billion

requests per year

+ 2200

transport networks data sets

+ 99,9%

availability rates

About us

Kisio Digital

With over eight billion queries a year, Kisio Digital, a Kisio business unit and digital subsidiary ofthe Keolis Group, part of the SNCF Group, is a key player in the mobility sector.

Kisio Digital designs digital products and services for public transport operators, passengers and developers.

Experts at Kisio Digital devised and developed Navitia, a multimodal and intermodal passenger information platform.

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Our expertise

Special digital services for the mobility sector

Our digital services enhance mobility services across regions and help sustainable mobility public transport authorities, transport operators, and digital players address mobility and service provision issues.

Our vision of mobility: to enable everyone to travel more easily, more pleasantly, and with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Kisio Digital works continuously to improve the algorithms that calculate the best routes according to the passenger’s specific circumstances and preferences.




Combining expertise and passion

Based close to the Gare du Lyon in Paris, Kisio Digital is home to fans of mobility, in the broadest sense of the word. These new technology experts have a passion for the digital commons goods they help to develop, including open data transport, open source, open innovation, and knowledge sharing.

Kisio Digital has several teams of experts to address every need:

  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • R&D, Developers, Architects
  • Data Experts
  • DevOps
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Our values


Communicating reliable and accurate transport data.


Going beyond technology and integrating all formats.


Adapting to each region’s particular situation, and to each passenger according to their needs.

Open source

Sharing our knowledge and ensuring algorithm transparency.

Sustainable and inclusive

Promoting shared mobility solutions, and active, environmentally-friendly modes


Passenger information solutions that are easily integrated in your websites and mobile apps

Passenger information is more than just a route from A to B. That is why we offer a complete range of services, from data cleansing to passenger information display, according to your specific requirements. Our watchwords are reliability, performance and robustness, to ensure that passenger information always enhances transport fluidity.