A SaaS tool to facilitate the quality and transformation of mobility data.

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Who is Datahub for?

A solution that meets your challenges

You are a Sustainable Mobility Organizing Authority, a carrier or an integrator and you are looking for a solution that allows you to easily quality your data?


Datahub ensures the quality of transport data and the information transmitted to passengers thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.


It provides instant visualization of your data to validate consistency, correct and standardize your datasets very quickly.


What are the benefits?

A SaaS tool that provides travellers with relevant, tailored and personalized travel information through complete and optimal data.

Features of Datahub

Multiple imports of datasets

Import your datasets from one or more different sources manually from a simple and intuitive interface or via our import automation system regardless of the format. (GTFS, Netex, Neptune, owner, etc.)

Editing and Recording

Edit all your imported data by creating quality guidelines and improve the experience of your users by adding additional information to propose itineraries adapted to the needs of your travellers!

Data aggregation

Merge your mobility data from multiple datasets to create a single dataset that is consistent and actionable to optimize your travellers’ journeys as well as their experiences on your media.

Automated Conversion and Exports

Export your data automatically and regularly with custom export rules to the target of your choice. Choose the desired export format from industry standards (GTFS, NETex, Neptune, etc.), create filters on an object type and set the desired export frequency.

Our Data Services

Support for integration

Quality validation before each integration to verify the conformity of the format, report errors to the supplier and carry out a continuous monitoring of your data to avoid data breaks.

Our Data Services


Audit and advice in improving information according to your target objectives .

Our Data Services


Proposal of a dashboard allowing the visualization of data on a periodic basis.

Easy and fast use thanks to our services

Support during the configuration phase with an expert from our team

Access to clear and detailed documentation

A support service to answer your questions