Traffic Report

Centralize and coordinate disruption information to better inform and control traveller communication.

+48 000

disruption created in 2019

+ 71 000

2019 alerts

+ 68 000

push notification in 2019

Who is Traffic Report for?

A solution that meets your challenges

Alert your travellers quickly in the event of disruptions with the Traffic Report solution!


Designed for transportation networks, Traffic Report allows to centralize, manage and disseminate all information of disturbance in real time on all communication media.


Your travellers are thus notified at the right time and place of any planned or unexpected disruption on the network in order to adapt their routes.

Traffic Report

What are the benefits?

A SaaS tool that ensures the implementation of an effective Traveller Information communication strategy.

Traffic Report Features

Creation of disruptions

Create and manage real-time disruptions with simplified, dynamic and customizable forms.


Plan your planned disruptions by selecting release dates and display time.


Specify the disturbances according to their nature: mode, line, stops, stop zone, succession of stops, networks and specify the severity of this impact.


Automatically post CAS disruption information to all media.


Choose information delivery channels: websites, mobile applications, SMS, emails, push notifications, Twitter, etc.


Disseminate disruption information directly into route and schedule contextual searches.

Network Status

Monitor the state of the network as a whole with business dashboards that represent the state of traffic in the field.


Monitor your disruption analytics (tracking disturbances by mode, line, stop).


Offer bypass routes to travellers.

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