The Mobility Lab

A portal to speed up and boost digital innovation in the mobility sector, and to co-build solutions to address your region or sector’s priorities regarding sustainability and inclusion.


A solution for all digital players

As a Sustainable Mobility Public Transport Authority, do you need to develop solutions to address your local mobility issues, such as developing tourism in your region or reducing SOVs?


As a private company, incubator or university, do you want to use Passenger Information features to speed up innovation in your sector?


That is why Kisio Digital created the Mobility Lab, a white-label turnkey platform offering special digital tools and services for open innovation.

The Citizens’ Mobility Lab allows you to:

Use special mobility APIs and SDKs for your ecosystem

Organise inspiring events in your ecosystem

Share innovation projects to test their uptake

Promote open data and services provided by local authorities


Access to the best digital tools and services

Gain access to a web platform that can be fully customised to fit your visual identity, providing an entire range of special mobility APIs, SDKs and data.


Query and data testing tools available on the platform will also save you time at the integration phase.


Our customised services will help you organise, run and develop your ecosystem according to your region or sector’s specific issues.

Mobility Lab features

Access to Navitia's special passenger information APIs

Enable your region’s digital players to develop and trial new, efficient and innovative applications focusing on transport data provided by our APIs, based on Navitia, the most effective passenger information system on the market. Using these APIs, you can explore geographic and transport data, autocomplete, find timetables, and calculate routes on over 600 transport networks worldwide.

Access to Navitia SDKs

Our range of downloadable mobile development kits (SDKs) will meet all the needs of amateur and experienced developers. They provide access to all Navitia functions, reduce mobile development times, and offer optimised UX/UI processes.

Access to mobile data

We can integrate and cleanse all your region’s open data. Datasets are standardised in GTFS format for easy use and can be downloaded from the Mobility Lab.

Data testing and visualisation tools

Navitia Web Solution is a web module that can be configured to your region, so that search results can be viewed directly without the need for code. The sandbox will help developers understand the code behind Navitia queries/results and will enable functions to be integrated more easily.

Customised communication services

It is vital that you bring together and engage your ecosystem to ensure it understands local issues and masters the tools available. To help you achieve this, Kisio Digital organises and runs inspiring events (webinars, conferences, hackathons, etc.) on topics associated with your specific issues (the proportion of car sharing or walking, accessibility, SOVs, etc.)

Partnerships to address every need

Benefit from the expertise of our renowned partners whose specialised calculators (for journeys on foot, by bike or by car, for example), integrated in Navitia, cover all mobility situations.

Fast rollout and easy integration thanks to the following services:

Fast rollout in just four weeks

Customised support throughout your project lifecycle

Access to clear, detailed documentation: functional guide and integration manual

Support service to answer questions from your ecosystem