Navitia API

The most efficient multimodal and real-time passenger information system on the market.

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Guarantees passengers unhindered intermodal mobility

Navitia brings serenity to travellers and facilitates their mobility by providing them with information adapted to their needs, thus simplifying the preparation and the course of their intermodal journeys and whatever modes they choose: public transport, cycling, car, walking and new mobility services.


Translates the complexity of transport into easy-to-use information  

Navitia apprehends the complexity of transport networks by disseminating simplified information, personalized and adapted to the uses of a territory (urban, departmental, regional and national) and the travelers of tomorrow.



A real data hub 

As a reference solution, Navitia recovers and aggregates all of your multimodal data to make it consistent and disseminate it to the calculation engine: public transport, addresses, points of interest, and public and private news and micro-mobilities.


What are the benefits ?

  • All the mobility of your territory on a single platform!


  • Offer the most relevant market itineraries to your travellers


  • Have a configurable product allowing you to value the transport offer corresponding to your strategy


  • Integrate Traveller Information features quickly and easily with a flexible, modular solution


  • Benefit from Kisio Digital’s transport expertise

Navitia API


Improve the user experience when entering a search using Navitia’s powerful and comprehensive autocompletion.

Grouping by stops, addresses, points of interest or geolocation of the starting point.


Facilitate access to your territory, your points of sale, or improve the experience of your users by offering the best routes, combining public and private modes of transport and accessible to RMCs.

Also display upcoming public transit departures and arrivals and inform your travellers in the event of ongoing or future disruptions.


Help your users and travelers locate themselves by geolocating and displaying points of interest around them.

Many POIs are available in Navitia: transport objects (stops, train stations) and other public places (shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.)


Calculate the accessibility of a geographic area by public transit for a given time budget using isochronal functionality.

An open and interoperable mobility platform

A complete mastery of public transport 
Navitia is able to integrate any type of public transport data to generate quality passenger information services and offers a complete data management: theoretical and real-time, disruptions, accessibility and rates.  


Full integration of new mobility services
Navitia’s technical architecture allows it to integrate the services of any mobility actor, public and private. You can find the following data in Navitia: 

  • Any type of freefloating service: VLS, trotinette
  • Carpool service
  • Transport on demand
  • VTC/Taxi (coming soon)


An intermodal and modular journey planning

Thanks to Intermob, Navitia has the ability to use specialized external calculators (real-time car, improved bike, pedestrian PMR, etc.) in order to optimize the quality of the intermodal routes and thus offer a unique mobility experience within the MaaS (Mobility as a Service).

Distribution adapted to each project

  • Are you a developer and need quick and easy access to Navitia APIs to add traveler information to your site or mobile app?  Navitia is available in open-source and open-service from Don’t waste time, register!
  • Are you a Sustainable Mobility Organizing Authority, a transporter or an integrator and need a product that does not require installation and maintenance costs while benefiting from regular updates? For this, Navitia is also available in SaaS.