Digital services to boost mobility

Offer your passengers a unique experience in journey planning and passenger information, and ensure your MaaS projects run smoothly.

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Passenger information solutions that are easily integrated in your websites and mobile apps

We get the most out of all mobility data so that public transport authorities, transport providers and digital players can provide passengers with accurate, reliable and real-time information for their journeys:

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Business sectors

All business sectors are impacted by mobility

Our collaborative and inclusive solutions provide a wide range of possibilities for developing or improving a transport network, designing new mobility solutions, and creating innovative apps.

Our values

Open source, Open Data, Open Services

All Navitia solutions are based on an open source platform, which guarantees its users’ technological independence and defends their digital sovereignty. As Open Data, our solutions focus on shared information and collective intelligence to ensure continuous improvement. As Open Services, they are reused by a range of different players.

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Access open data from transport networks worldwide via a single, open source and open service API for faster integration.