Passenger information platform

Do you want to get the most out of all mobility data in order to provide accurate, reliable, real-time and relevant passenger information? Navitia offers all the features you need to make your project a success!

2,7 billion

journey planning in 2020

1,6 billion

timetables calculated in 2020

2 billion

transport objects in 2020

Communicating high-quality passenger information

Navitia provides all major passenger information features through our APIs, SDKs, and white-label web (NWS).

Navitia API

Essential passenger information features

Our unified Navitia APIs offer the following features: route calculation, timetables and live departures updated in real time, traffic info, isochrones, autocomplete, and exploring places of interest.

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Navitia SDK

Easy integration of Navitia APIs in your mobile apps

Our range of mobile development kits (SDKs) will meet all the needs of amateur and experienced developers. They provide access to all Navitia functions, reduce mobile development times, and offer optimised UX/UI processes.

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Passenger information features on your website

Integrate your web widget quickly and easily, either as an alternative solution or in addition to a mobile app. The Navitia Widget is modular and fully customisable to fit your visual identity.

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