A platform that enhances MaaS

Passenger information is more than just a route from A to B. That is why we offer a complete range of services, from data cleansing to passenger information display, according to your specific requirements. Our watchwords are reliability, performance and robustness, to ensure that passenger information always enhances transport fluidity.

8 billion



transport networks

11 000


The leading intermodal passenger information platform

The Navitia platform is the most frequently used open source passenger information tool in France.

Every day we collect and process billions of data, which allow millions of travellers to travel with ease.

Navitia aggregates, combines and enhances all mobility data, and integrates all modes of transport to make life easier for passengers. The platform enables mobility providers and players from other sectors to offer reliable and intuitive routes, based on all available mobility solutions.

High-quality data

A set of tools and services (API) to transform your data into a source of high-quality passenger information ready to communicate

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Reliable passenger information

Navitia gives passengers peace of mind and makes travel easier for them by providing information to meet their needs, simplifying how they plan and make their journeys.

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Fertile ground for innovation

A Mobility Lab to encourage and co-build digital innovation in the mobility sector whilst involving the local ecosystem. Kisio Digital provides startups and digital players with the tools and services required to address local issues.

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